Cute Women Sexually Harassed By Cowardly Losers On YouTube

If you're a good looking women who vlogs on YouTube, you catch hell from losers who leave comments under your video.

For those who don't know, to be a member of YouTube all you need is the ability to write. You could conceivably have thousands of accounts on YouTube. This has emboldens losers all across the world to post comments to female vloggers that they wouldn't say to them to their face.

We're not talking about the usual "You suck" type of comment I believe most could deal with. Unfortunately, the vile and disgusting comments that some post only belong in a porn movie. Not that I've seen any.

YouTube doesn't police the comments so it's up to the video producer to handle them. As of now, there is a flood of vile profanity laced comments spreading across the site (mainly aimed at women) and those losers aren't going anywhere.

However, vloggers can combat this; you aren't powerless. Take advantage of the control that allows the YouTube user to approve a comment before it goes public. Ingeniously, some people will cry censorship but they need to learn that the Constitution limits the power of government to censor not the people or companies. So, I can censor out all of the rude and crude comments that I want.

This is one of the reasons I don't allow comments here. (Not that anyone would want to comment here.) Spammers are running wild in the Internet and now some people pay others to comment on blogs.

The only other method I can conceive to combat the useless commenter is that YouTube should start charging people to join their site. If you are a paid subscriber, YouTube could then identify you. As of now, anybody can join for free and use as many faceless identities as they want. Paying a subscription fee would eliminate many of the vile comments and most of the spam.

The video below features a YouTube user named The Resident who is female and is subject to the harassment I wrote of above.

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