Mayte Carranco In PINK Mini

Yeah, another vid of Mayte Carranco, this time she is in a tight pink dress. Why do
I post so many videos of this weather reporter? Do you really have to ask? Really?

For more Mayte, click the label link with her name.

As far as I know, Carranco doesn't have a degree in Meteorology.  From the information that I have gathered, before she was doing weather, she was a model.

Nothing wrong with that. It's just that I wonder how important is it when a local weather person says that they have a degree in Meteorology, if they can get anybody hot to read the weather?

Now you might ask, "Don't you want the most knowledgeable person broadcasting at the time of a weather emergency or do you want the hottest?"

I would say, "I want the hottest person."

Thus, the reason I'll never be hired as a program manager.

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