Tornado Blast It Way Through Venice

From AxisofAnonynomous on YouTube:  The tornado roared through Sant'Erasmo island in Venice's lagoon on Tuesday, ripping the roofs off at least 12 buildings, media reports said.

A funnel cloud was clearly visible from the centre of the town and from its canals, Youreporter and Venice Municipality video showed.

The tornado caused major damage in several islands off the Venice lagoon, including Sant'Elena and Certosa islands, where many trees were uprooted, reports said.

Dozens of small sailing ships were smashed in the port of Sant'Elena.

No injuries were reported, the Municipality of Venice said.

The second most popular posts on VlogHog are the ones featuring tornados.  People love to see mass destruction.

If you want to see more tornados from years past, hit the labels link at the top of this post and it will link you to the various videos that I have posted over the years.

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