Jessica Gomes Talks About Her Maybach Music Drop


From DJCityTV: Maybach Music" has become one of the most popular phrases in the hip-hop world. When people hear it, they think of Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale and people associated with MMG. Most of us know who those figures are; but who is the girl saying "Maybach Music" in each song? International Model, Jessica Gomes, gives us an exclusive interview on how her sexy voice was chosen as the drop for the label, when and how A-Trak told her that her voice is everywhere and she also clears up any rumors/controversy between her and Maybach Music.

In this Jessica Gomes pronounces her name Go-MMMMs but in our post "Jessica Gomes Lingerie Goddess"she clearly says Go-MEZ. Now I know before I said I didn't really care but I was lying. 

She's from Australia and is half Portuguese and half Chinese but sounds like a reject from the Harry Potter movies and in one video she says Jessica Go-mmms and in another says Jessica Go-mez as if it were Mexican or Spanish or something. 

Why is this beautiful woman teasing me like this? I demand an investigation. 

going all out to get the answers you deserve

Jessica Gomes

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MESSica Gomes!!!