Chris Hemsworth Talks 'Thor 2' Villain (Spoiler Alert!)

Thanks to Clever Movies for producing this clip and their in-depth look at Chris Hemsworth and Thor 2.

I mean it. Yes, I have produced clips and placed them on YouTube but the majority of this blog is outsoucred material. Unless you count my snarky and groovy comments as content. I do. But that's just to make me feel like I'm doing something.

While I didn't watch Thor, I did watch Marvel's The Avengers. The Thor is that movie was unlike any Thor I have ever read about or seen in the comics. Thor is suppose to be a GOD. A GOD isn't suppose to look like some surfer dude from Australia which is what Hemsworth looks like to me.

What is Chris Hemsworth suppose to do? Not take a role where he could make millions of dollars because he doesn't exactly look like the character he's playing? I don't blame him.

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Simonson Thor in space
Not Chris Hemsworth.
thor by walter simonson.
Still Not Chris Hemsworth

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