Celtic Fan Pours Beer On LeBron James

After the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics in Game Six of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, some Celtic fan pours beer on LeBron James as he's leaving the floor.

According to everything I've read, it was a beer. Now, I would understand if it was water. Cause as you know, water is everywhere. But a beer?

Boston plays at TD Garden where one glass or cup of beer is about $8.50.  He would come out cheaper spitting on James.

Not that I endorse that kind of thang.

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lebron james miami heat black jersey
"Stay classy, Boston."


Anonymous said...

Buck Lebron!!! I would of whipped it out and let nature take it course.

I had 500 dollars on the celts in game 7.

sorry bastards.

A.L. said...

So, do you hate Lebron or the Celtics? I can't figure it out?

Anonymous said...

I hate your momma!