Erin Andrews Leaving ESPN Today

According to Deadspin, USA Today, Yahoo! Sports and Jesus Christ, Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN, the world's leading sports network owned by Disney. 

USA Today reports that ESPN's spokesman Mike Soltys has confirmed that Andrews has left the sports giant for parts unknown. 

Andrews, who has appeared on ABC's Dancing With The Stars, is most famous for having a man illegally film her through a hotel peephole with a cell phone while she was on various assignments for ESPN. Yes, it was as creepy as it sounds. 

What was more creepy was that some people thought she and her stalker worked together to boost her name. For those who don't know, the dude (of course it was a dude) was arrested and convicted. Some publicity plan. 

Because of her great looks, Andrews has to endure a lot of haters even from her peers but unfortunately that goes with the territory. 

She will missed as a sideline reporter and a personality.   

no one will ever miss us

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews

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