How To Impress Georgia Salpa

In the video above, you will learn how to impress Irish girls as told by Georgia Salpa, former star of Big Brother and current model.  

Thanks to The Lynx Effect for allowing me to embed this on my website. 

Yes, it's condescending but you're gonna watch it anyway.

One of her tips is, "Don't tell me the Irish accent is nicest thing you've ever heard." 

No problem, Georgia. 

My top five ways to impress any girl.

1. Puppies 
2. Wave a new born baby around her and show it love
3. Drop a stack of hundreds and pick them up in front of her
4. Kittens 
and, of course 
5. Baconator. No real woman can resist.  Buy two and tell her you have an extra one. Works all the time. 

not impressed

georgia salpa
"Is that a double?"

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