Is Ann Curry Leaving The Today Show?

From Forbes Magazine:NBC News reported to seek big change at its iconic morning program. FORBES reporters Jenna Goudreau and Jeff Bercovici with insight as to why Ann Curry may be replaced and what's next for the veteran journalist.

Thanks to Forbes Magazine for posting this video. 

Ann Curry is one the classiest, sexiest and stylish anchor I've ever seen. In my opinion, she shouldn't leave the Today Show or get forced out or whatever. 

Granted, I don't know the behind the scenes details or how the ratings of the show are, I just like Ann Curry. 

She's the kind of woman you proudly bring home to meet the parents, friends, family, mailman, UPS guy, Fed Ex guy etc. 

If she does goes, she will be missed. Given that she got to be the host of The Today Show, I know that she will land on her feet somewhere. 

why couldn't it have beeen Matt Lauer?

anny curry

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