Evelyn Taft Making The Weather Hot (KCAL)

Currently, I live in Alabama and the television weather people are usually dorky white guys with horrible looking suits. That's just who they are in Alabama. In California ,however, there seems to be a rule that the weather must be done with:

A. A woman
B. A very hot woman.

Evelyn Taft fits the requirements. Sheworks for CBS affiliate KCAL channel 9 out of Los Angeles and probably is a ratings draw.

According to her bio at KCAL's website: ...Evelyn’s passion for weather grew as she earned her certificate in meteorology from Mississippi State University and joined the news team at KCOY, the CBS affiliate on the central coast, where she performed several duties as a weather anchor, news anchor and reporter. While there, she spent a significant amount of time reporting from the front-line of several Santa Barbara County wildfires. 

No doubt caused by her.

c average college grad

Evelyn Taft,KCAL

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