Rihanna Takes Off Her Top For Esquire

From Celeb TV: From a sailor's cap to army chic, Ri puts a sexy spin on saluting the troops for the mag's July 2012 issue!

Rihanna has gone completely nuts. But, she is well within the tradition of other starlets who have flipped such as Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and the late Whitney Houston.

First, she made a new song with Chris Brown, that guy that beat her up.  Second, there is no second, she made a song with a guy that beat her up!

Well, there are the stories of non-stop partying, stumbling out of Ashton Kutcher apartment late at night, not wanting to be in a threesome with Chris Brown and Kim Kardashian banning her from Kanye West.

There will be a public meltdown. Then, her publicist will tell the media that she is in rehab for exhaustion. Then, she will return after being out of the spotlight for months. Back in the day, she would her gone on Oprah but now she will probably do Piers Morgan.

I don't mean have sex with Morgan. She will appear on his show and try to boost CNN's lagging ratings.
Although, given Morgan's bad ratings, he will probably at least suggest it.



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