Christina Augilera Loses Weight

From Celeb-TV: Christina Aguilera has come in all sizes, from extra small to large. While we think she looks amazing with some curves, she's taken quite a bit of heat over the years for her ups and downs, but wait until you see this! Xtina showed up to a screening of The Voice's Season 4 premiere Wednesday night looking beautiful in every single way! Sporting a sweet but sophisticated LBD, Christina showed off a significantly slimmer figure. Even her hair and make-up were toned down.

Proving once again that people really don't think that big is beautiful. A celeb loses weight and it makes news. Don't think that isn't how they feel about all overweight folks.  Thanks Celeb-TV for proving once again that there is a war on fat people.

Click the link above this post to see our continuing series on The War On Fat People. For those who don't know, fat people are the reason that health care costs are going up.

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