Yoojin Cho's Bacon Carbonara (WWLP)

from Channel 22 News Massachusetts: Report Yoojin Cho shares her recipe for Bacon Carbonara. As an added bonus, you get to learn some of the history of Yoojin Cho and what it is like to be a reporter in the fast paced world of broadcast media.

The first ingredient for Bacon Carbonara is a pound of bacon. I'm there.

For you bacon lovers, I've discovered a cheap BLT sandwich at a drive thru restaurant called Checkers. In some states it's called Rally's. The BLT is on their dollar menu and tastes awesome.

I suggest that you buy it in the morning or afternoon while the bacon is crisp. BTW did I mention that it's a dollar? One dollar. Even I can afford it. Barely.


One dollar!

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