Jill Nicolini (WPIX) Lashes Out At Facebook Fans

From WPIX: Jill Nicolini lashes out at her Facebook fans for rude comments.

In defense of the people (men) who did this, Ms. Nicolini must realize that most men who leave comments on Facebook and under YouTube videos are pigs. In fact, according to some study in a newspaper article I might of read, men don't ever really mature. How many men do you see still reading comic books, wearing team jerseys, and playing videos games?

A popular commercial has actor Paul Rudd and former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis playing videos game. Both men are in their 30's.

My advice to Ms. Nicolini is to ignore her haters and if she's reading this blog to not hit the label called Jill Nicolini above this post because it flushes all my credibility down the toilet.

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This is Jill Nicolini.

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