News Anchor Responds To Critique Of Her Weight (The War On Fat People)

from CBS NEWS ONLINE: A TV news anchor from La Crosse (Jennifer Livingston), Wis., took to the air to blast a viewer who criticized her weight via e-mail.

I don't see how this is bullying in the classic sense. It's more of the type of critique that assholes post on YouTube safe behind their computer screen. This person would not say this to her face.

That being said, Ms. Livingston is going to have to realize that she and every overweight person in the United States is now a target of federal and state government who have to pay (with your tax dollars) health care costs.

Why do you think Mayor Bloomberg was trying to ban 20 oz sodas in New York? Because childhood obsesity, he claims, costs the state a lot in health care costs. Now, let's get real.  What the mayor really is saying that obesity is costing the state a lot in health care costs. Grown-up obese people too.

The soda ban (which a sane judge overturned) was going to be the beginning. State and local government are drastically changing school diets. For instance, Los Angeles now has meatless Mondays. Don't believe me? Go read about here.  Don't be fooled by the "we're looking out for the children" rhetoric. Politicians policy are really aimed at limiting grown obese people and to try to punish those who remain fat.

Ms. Livingston, don't believe that all liberals are on your side. They are tired of people like you causing their insurance rates to go up.  Look at the vitriol in the comments section that some New York Times readers aim at people who drink soda.
I have a handy link right here for you to see how leftist in New York feel about overweight people. Let me remind you that The New York Times and its readers are mostly left leaning Democrats.

While I think sending an e-mail to a newscaster criticizing her weight is cowardly and low, there are a lot of people out who are saying amen to the letter's intent.

Remember how the government tried to make smokers evil incarnate? Big people, a target has been placed on your back.

VlogHog reading assignments for those who think I'm full of it

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U.S. Obesity Costs Soars As Nation Packs On The Pounds---CBS NEWS

Please, Ms. Livingston and others, read the comment sections of these stories. This is how many in America feels about you. Big is beautiful? Yeah, right.

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