Judge Blocks NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Large Soda Ban

from Fox News: A New York judge has invalidated a ban on large, sugary drinks proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In the ruling, the judge called the ban "arbitrary and capricious."
"New York City's groundbreaking limit on the size of sugar-laden drinks has been struck down by a judge shortly before it was set to take effect.

Mercedes Colwin is an idiot. She claims that the judge was playing politics and Mayor Bloomberg, who is becoming more and more like the Emperor in Star Wars, heart was in the right place. This was one the dumbest bans ever.

For those who don't know, Bloomberg, mayor of New York, banned soft drinks in cups of 16 ounces or more. For instance, you couldn't buy one 32 ounce drink but you could buy two 16 ounce drinks. On what planet does that make any good sense?

This would have affected restaurants, movie chain, ball park etc. True be told, it wouldn't have affected anything because people would have found a way around this dumb law.

The reason some people want this ban is because the rising cost of public and private health care. As if this was going to make a dent in it.


God Bless America

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