UNH Blackout Twitter Account Removed

When we last reported on UNH Blackout(a Twitter Feed that lets University of New Hampshire students upload pictures of knocked out drunk students) the Twitter account was up to 3500 followers and growing. Well, now the Twitter Feed is gone.

If you visit, the Twitter page will say "This Twitter Account is No Longer in Service." My guess is Twitter discontinued the feed as opposed to Dirty Durham (the creator of the feed. Who is Dirty Durham? I don't know.) I could be wrong.

Several news outlets including WHDH in Durham, New Hampshire, CBS in Boston (WBZ-TV) and Boston BarStools Sports had done stories on the controversial and now defunct Twitter feed.

You can read VlogHog's soon to be Pulitzer winning article on this site by following this link:"Drunk New Hampshire College Students Featured In Twitter Feed." 

Drunks of the world don't fret. You still have Facebook,Instagram, picture text to show the world how you are in all of your drunken glory.

The video above is called "Drunk Fail Compilation"by the FailArmy at YouTube.  See!



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