Yoojin Cho Hot Journalist (WWLP)

Yoojin Cho currently works for WWLP in Massachusetts somewhere. The above video is a montage of reports that she has compiled.

My guess is when you're a reporter, you send these to places like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc. when you apply for a job.

It's similar to a writer sending clips of their published works to possible employers like The New York Times, USA Today and Time Magazine just to name a very few.

I've sent articles from VlogHog to such media outlets as Ebony, Wall Street Journal, and The Chicago Tribune. To date, I haven't gotten any responses yet. But, these any busy multimedia companies and I'm sure I'll hear back from them soon. Five years isn't that long is it?

BTW Technically, Yoojin Cho isn't an anchor. I know. It's just a blog. Relax.


Yoojin Cho. Employed.

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