Tamara Holder 'Most Republicans Are Fat Asses,' Health Care ...

from Mediate.org: 2/26/13 - While you all were busy watching, and re-watching, the explosive battle between Sean Hannity and Rep. Keith Ellison (R-MN) last night on Fox's Hannity, another kerfuffle took place during the show, albeit with a much friendlier ending. During a debate on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "nannying" public health policies, Fox liberal contributor Tamara Holder said that "most Republicans are fat asses," and lamented how "fat Republicans who drive through Wal-Mart in their buggies" are partially responsible for the increased healthcare costs that she believes made ObamaCare necessary.

Believe it or not, Tamara Holder graduated from college with honors.

Again, I must point out that there is a war on fat people.  Moreover,  the e-mail that reporter Jennifer Livingston (from an earlier post) received criticizing her weight reflect the views of many in society and many in the Democrat Party. 

Livingston appeared on the Ellen show late in 2012 and stated the letter, which among other things said that she wasn't a role model because she was fat, was bullying. In my opinion, it's not bullying but a mirror of many in society and a lot of politicians, like Mayor Bloomberg, who wanted to ban 17 oz soda in New York to help save the children. Right.

Holder, in the video above, asserts that fat Republicans are the reason that your health care costs are rising and for some reason isn't laughed off the show.  As if everyone who is fat is a Republican. In saying this, she feels safe in criticizing fat people. It's one the dumbest public displays by a smart person I've ever seen.


Tamara Holder

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