Melissa King Sex Tape: How Much Was She Paid To Do Porn?

from TMZ: Former Miss Delaware Melissa King had her crown revoked when word got out that she taped a porn. The question is: how much did she earn in exchange for all that embarrassment? Let's just say she must have been desperate.

Like TMZ pays more for a picture.

Melissa King is currently on Twitter and I assume it's her. The account doesn't have that blue check mark thing next to it so it might be an imposter. Still, she posts regularly at @Melissa_M_King on Twitter.

No doubt her followers have increased since the "scandal." I put scandal in quotes because I don't think the upcoming generation is as uptight with porn as my older generation pretend to be.

If you grew up in any time before the 2000's, getting porn was WORK. You had to go to a special store or order it from a catalog or watch hand me down stuff. Now? If you have a smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, you can watch porn for free in seconds. Therefore, it is normal to them. Have you heard the pop songs of today? Watched MTV lately?

This generation has made mainstream stars out semi-porn actresses Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

I know the Miss Teen Universe has rules and regs and that's fine but some of the people giving King a hard time should look in the mirror. No pun intended. 


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