One Million Dollars Deposited Into Man's Bank Account By Mistake

From WPBF Channel 25 ABC: The executive director of the Jupiter Inlet District says his "absent-minded" ways kept him from discovering more than $1 million in tax money in his bank account for nearly two months.

How many of you reading this would have told anyone? After all it's a million dollars. What if you knew for sure that no one was ever going to find out? Would you keep the money? Would you spend it? The government is not going to miss it. The federal budget is over 4 trillion dollars.  What's a measly one million dollars compared to to trillions? That trillions with a capital T.

Of course, this would never happen to someone like me. I'm more likely to get a bill from the IRS telling me that I owe them one million dollars.

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This is about as close as I'll ever get to a million.

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