Drunk New Hampshire College Students Featured In Twitter Feed(UNH Blackout)

from WMUR in New Hampshire: A Twitter feed is drawing some concern by encouraging University of New Hampshire students to post photos of people passed out after drinking too much.

The Twitter feed is called UNH Blackout.

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook while in college. Some genius called Dirty Durham made this.

If you're from the south or midwest and someone from the north calls you a redneck or ghetto, just point them to UNH Blackout.

Now remember, it's people tweeting pictures of drunk people. These pictures could be faked. Yeah, it is college students and what are the odds of THAT.  I know.

As of March 26, UNH Blackout has 3500 + followers on Twitter, however, media outlets such as WHDH in Durham, New Hampshire, CBS in Boston (WBZ-TV) and Boston BarStools Sports have picked up the story and if someone like Jimmy Kimmel gets whiff of it, watch out! It could become the FailBlog for drunk college students with hundreds of thousands of followers.

None of this is illegal (unless some of the students are underage and who the hell cares about that). And I'm not saying it should be shut down, or people shouldn't drink. I'm just showing you what a significant portion of COLLEGE students are doing. The last time I checked, you have to pay for college. Well, I mean some of you parents have to pay for college or take out huge loans to attend. Are you getting your money's worth? Party on!

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"Go UNH!"

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