New York Soda Ban: Michael Bloomberg's Proposed Large Soda Ban Slammed b...

from ABC NEWS: George Will and Donna Brazile debate Mayor Bloomberg's soda proposal.

I love posting videos on this soda ban because it shows the contempt that a lot of people in government have for you.

We allegedly have a obesity problem in this country and how does big government choose to solve the problem? Banning sodas over 16 oz. The two have nothing to do with each other.

First government can't solve this alleged problem. It is a behavior issue. Nothing can stop people from eating and drinking what they want. Nothing yet.

Second, what can government really do about it? Nothing short of taking over the food supply and making a law on what people can and cannot eat in this country will stop people from eating and drinking what they want.

Finally, those people who are crying about how your tax dollars are paying for ill effects of obesity. So, you want to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid? Do you want to limit the health care for people who make bad decisions?


Set me free!

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