Teen Sells App to Yahoo! for 30 Million (Summly)

From ABC NEWS: Nick d'Aloisio, 17, created smartphone app Summly while studying for exams.

The video below  is a review of Summly by MacAdvisor UK at YouTube since ABC NEWS did a piss poor job of reporting about it. Would you pay 30 million for it? If you were running Yahoo that is. Yahoo the search engine that rarely sends me any traffic. Maybe if the geniuses at Yahoo weren't spending millions on an app, they could devise a better search engine that would index my blog and then I would be making millions along with Nick d'Aloisio.

Anyway. I'm the last person to question the worth of an app being that I only have one cellphone and it's a basic Straight Talk phone from Wal-Mart.  That being said, you mean to tell me that there weren't any newsreader apps before 2013? 

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