Where Is Betty Nguyen?

Betty Nguyen left CBS Morning News in the spring of 2012 and has not been on television since, according to the VlogHog research staff.

I can understand why a talentless hack like me can be unemployed for a year or so but Nguyen is breathtaking and an accomplished news anchor.

Maybe she is in some negotiation with some news outlet and can't appear on TV for a year like Conan O'Brien when he was fired from The Tonight Show.

If any of you have any idea where she is, let us know in the comment section.

Update, as March 28, 2013, Betty Nguyen works for NBC and is one of the host of Early Today which starts at 5:00 am. She's almost worth getting up that early to watch live. But then the DVR wouldn't get used.


Betty Nguyen

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