Anna Burns, Miss Hooters International

from Hooters: Miss Hooters International, Anna Burns is one of the hottest Hooters Girls of all time! Check out her video!

Are there Hooters in other countries? I mean I know the International House of Pancakes is international but what about Hooters?

Ms. Burns is married to current wide receiver for the New England Patriots, Wes Welker. If you care about that kind of thing.

After the Baltimore Ravens beat the Patriots in the 2013 NFL playoffs, Burns had some critical things to say about...who cares? Look at her!

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As of March 24, 2013, Wes Welker is now a Denver Broncos.  So, Anna Burns will be taking her talents to the high altitude city of Denver. 

bloggers don't get women like this
Anna Burns. Just deal with it, haters.

Anna Burns
anna burns welker

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Anonymous said...

Cuban Kristina from Orlando Hooters Airport is The most sexy Hooters girl i have joined - yet!
(Employed in 2006)!